Course guide

event important spots

8.00 am

Bus departure to start More info and bus booking here

START I. – Vyšší Brod

37.1 km to finish

Campsite “Pod Hrází” START for K1, K2, C1, C2, C2 tourist, C2 mix, C3, C4 3 start lines

  • cca 11:00 – the start for K2 is from the 1st line K2 M, K2 MIX, K2 W
  • cca 11:05 – the start for K1 is from the 2nd line K1 M, K1 MJUN, K1 MVET, K1 W, K1 WJUN, K1 SEA
  • cca 11:05 – the start for all other boats is from 3rd line C1 JUN, C1 M, C2 M, C2 MIX, C2 TOUR, C2 VET, C3 a C4

“Vyšší Brod” weir

36.0 km to finish

“Herbertov” weir

33.0 km to finish

“Rožmberk nad Vltavou” weir

26.6 km to finish

START II. – Rožmberk nad Vltavou

25.0 km to finish

11:05 – the start of PUNTS and C9 from the river
11:10 – the start of SUP (from the river bank) 
11:15 – the start of RAFTS (from the river bank) 


“Na Pískárně”

10.9km to finish Mandatory overrun Refreshment MINI Marathon start

START III. – Campsite “Na Pískárně”

10.8 km to finish

 MINI Marathon start

“Větřní” weir

6.4 km to finish

“Papouščí skála” weir

4.5 km to finish

“Na Rechlích” weir

3.0 km to finish

“U Liry” weir

2.1 km to finish

“Mrázkův mlýn” weir

1.1 km to finish

“Jelení lávka” weir

0.6 km to finish

Finish for all categories


Amusement in the Brewery garden

Program for children

4.00 pm

Bus departure to start More info and bus booking here

6.00 pm

Award ceremony

  • at 5:00 – award ceremony of Czech SUP Cup
  • at 5:15 – award ceremony of MINI KRUMLOVSKY MARATHON
  • at 6:00 p.m. – KVM MOVIE
  • at 6:05 p.m. – award ceremony of KRUMLOVSKY MARATHON