18th International Český Krumlov River Marathon

Saturday 10th October 2020


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It would be a little after a month since we would be dealing with headaches and other afterparty consequences, so we wanted to share a memory and recap. 🙂

The 19th Annual of Cesky Krumlov River Marathon was canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Even this time Povodí Vltavy came up and held increased flow in Vltava river. Lots of paddlers and sportsmen gladly enjoyed this occasion and went down from Vyšší Brod to Český Krumlov. Everybody was acting safe and all Government Restrictions were followed.

We’ve already had our hats and headdresses ready, which were among you distributed – thank you!

We’ve already had medals ready, which went among all organizers and safety team. Everyone from the staff deserves a medal!

We would also like to thank all 143 staff members, competitors, etc, which didn’t want the start fee to return thus helping us to cover all lost.

This fall wasn’t pleasant for any river marathon fan. Famous Ardèche Marathon in France was also canceled due to COVID-19, Adige Marathon in Italy because of floods.

Once again, we would like to THANK all the competitors, partners, and organizers that we could spend every second October’s Saturday together and we are already looking forward to 9th October 2021.

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